WorkLife Development was started in August 2015 by David Cuff with the purpose of helping individuals, teams, organisations and companies develop in order to achieve the things they really care about and dissolve the problems that are seen to be holding them back.

Over the last ten years David has delivered people development programmes and commercial skills training for major companies like Virgin Media, The Living TV Group, Kingfisher, Scottish Television, Star TV and Eurosport.

On the people side David is a qualified Leadership Development Coach (Hexagon Training: Systems Dialogue 2010); a certified FIRO-B trainer (OPP 2010) and is also a qualified teacher (PGCE for FE, Keele University 1984).

In terms of both commercial and people skills David has spent 28 years in the media business, with 21  years’ at Board level.

He keeps his hand in the media world now as commercial director of Modern Toss Limited – and prior to Latest TV he was the Commercial Director at the Living TV Group, Virgin Media TV and Flextech Television. He also was the Exec Broadcast Director of Initiative Media.

In terms of Commercial Skills qualifications he completed the Harvard Business School Strategic Negotiations programme in 2002.David designs and delivers the people development and commercial skills programmes. He takes the lead in coaching and draws on a pool experienced professionals as required for larger programmes.

Our Philosophy

We believe people need awareness of their motivational and working patterns plus a combination of purpose, autonomy and mastery for a fulfilling work and home life. Each person is ultimately inspired by connection with purpose and their values – the things we really care about, which reside at the deeper learning levels.

We believe people have choice and they can change if they want to. People can overcome any number of perceived problems by developing the awareness of self and others and connecting at the level of values and purpose. Mind, body and spirit are all one system and it’s connected to the bigger system – real life, at work and at home.

What any person believes is subject always to patterns of distortion in terms of how we have filtered and labelled the vast amount of data that bombards us every second – plus how we represent it to others. We believe by uncovering the patterns, labelling and representation systems we can then see perceived problems dissolve and open the pathways to connect with self and others to do and achieve the things we really care


about, to our full capabilities. The people are not the problem; the problems are the problem!

We also really care about understanding each person’s unique mix of interpersonal needs, which can vary according to context and yet drive most of our behaviour; and how people see and experience us. We believe by fathoming what individuals need to give and receive in terms of sociability, influence and affection – then we can help bring more balance and satisfaction into people’s work and home life. The vast majority of people rarely reflect consciously on meeting their interpersonal needs or consider what the effect of modifying behaviour can do to meet these needs.

Just as you can improve physical health by modifying the diet and consumption patterns you choose to satisfy your basic need for food; you can also improve your overall wellbeing by modifying behavioural patterns you have adopted to satisfy (or not) your interpersonal needs. We use profiling and dialogue to uncover these needs and behavioural patterns, then use coaching to actively assist the person to perform



and reach the peak of their abilities on the path to getting what they want.

At WorkLife Development our purpose is to firstly to help uncover individual beliefs, values, thinking styles, behavioural patterns and interpersonal needs by precipitating a mini-revolution in awareness of self and your impact on others. Then we strive to help people and organisations get what they want and really care about.

We also believe the application of refined people skills, connecting with others and being in touch with what you really care about applies to the world of commerce. So alongside our people development programmes we have developed a unique commercial skills programme for the purpose of helping teams and individuals within perform to their full capabilities in the commercial realm, making stronger connections with others and growing the pie. Plus leaving participants with lifelong learning that can be applied whenever you are doing business.

About us