People are nourished and blossom when they have purpose, mastery and autonomy in their lives. Through raising awareness of values and nurturing the unique qualities of individuals, we help them find purpose to participate more energetically and congruently in life – to the true benefit of themselves and the organisations and family or friendship groups they belong to.


Coaching follows on from people and profiling work to encourage an individual to maximise their potential and work towards the realisation of what they want. The coaching process uses enquiry and questioning techniques to help create awareness and responsibility. It provides the individual with structure, support, feedback and follow on procedures to ensure the longevity of such meaningful work.


Profiling is used to raise awareness of an individual’s unique qualities that shape behaviour and reveal what they most often manifest to others. We use proven questionnaire tool – the FIRO B – that takes a contemporary reading of an individual’s interpersonal needs, the core, personal needs that influence behaviour; and use dialogue technique to uncover motivational direction, frame of reference, representation systems, values, thinking styles and instinctive strategic approaches.


Training is always a bespoke design, for groups of people, either work colleagues or collections of individuals with an outcome in mind – it might be leadership development or improved team working. We bring in the profiling data and engage people in role play with real work scenarios and problem solving.