We offer individuals and teams a Programme of training and/or coaching that  employs a portfolio of techniques to deliver a comprehensive, contemporary picture of peoples’ interpersonal needs; motivational, thinking and behavioural patterns; team working capabilities and preferences; and discrete personal qualities.

We utilise proven tools, modern techniques and ingenious strategies.


Initially developed to aid in the understanding and predicting of how high-performance military teams would work together (eg in manning nuclear armed submarines) this tool fathoms the snapshot of individuals interpersonal needs in the areas of inclusion, control and affection – that affect all behaviours and choices.


A training and coaching programme that through dialogue uncovers individual motivational direction, frame of reference, representation systems, communication style and

working patterns to raise self-awareness and overcome limitations to dissolve problems and achieve goals – for individuals and teams.


Adopting and adapting the proven ingenious strategic approaches of people like Walt Disney and David Kolb and applying to work and life challenges. Fathoming the preferences of individual strategic styles and learning how to adopt the genius approaches to make break throughs at work and home.


Coaching is an ongoing relationship. It supports and encourages you to maximise your potential and work towards the realisation of your vision, goals and desires. The coaching process uses enquiry and questioning techniques to help create awareness and responsibility. It aims to provide the individual with structure, support, feedback and follow on maintenance procedures to ensure the longevity of such meaningful work.




Coaching is a process of facilitation and it actively assists another person, when trying to perform and reach the ‘peak’ of their abilities. It is Generative; Outcome focused; Moving towards orientation; and asks What and How?


Mentoring is a relationship that involves us working with you on a shared goal. The Mentor is a person who has experience and depth knowledge in particular areas that relate to the same issues as that of the Mentee. The Mentee can then follow the path/direction of the older, wiser Mentor who can pass on knowledge and experience. We only offer Mentoring to people working in Advertising, Broadcast Media, Digital Media, Media Production, Media Technology, Publishing, Licensing and Merchandising.




What do we do?